Multi-Tasking with an Infant: The Joys of Babywearing and Sh*t

“Multi-Tasking with an Infant: The Joys of Babywearing and Sh*t”

I’ve been on maternity leave for a couple of months now. I send my oldest son (an almost three-year-old egotistical, articulate, wildly narcissistic comedian) to daycare most days and don’t even feel guilty about it anymore. This allows me to be a better mama because I get to devote all of my time and loving energy to my newborn daughter while my son gets to thrive, learn, and be challenged without my constant nagging. This also leaves me with an infant who adores being held…all the time.

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“My Birthmark Odyssey: When It’s Comfortable to Smile Again”

As humans we have a propensity to want to influence the outside world, to leave a mark, some sort of legacy. We have a natural instinct to want to communicate and share our lived experiences by way of storytelling. As social beings, we also have an innate need to want to belong, connect and to share knowledge with others who will listen. We all do the best we can with what we have as we try to navigate this odyssey called life.

After an 11 year hiatus, I’ve chosen to resume laser treatments and surgeries to treat my Port-Wine Stain birthmark and hemangioma, making this my twenty-ninth laser treatment and third facial surgery. This narrative is about sharing my most recent experience about this winding odyssey on which my birthmark has taken me.  It’s been a humbling journey full of downward and upward spirals. There have been many experiences up to this point, some of which I finally feel ready to share, and there will be many more. I wrote this as a sort of catharsis for me and for others like me. Thank you for reading and sharing.

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“Frustration in a Cup: Why I’ll Never Buying a Small DD Coffee Again”

“Frustration in a Cup: Why I’ll Never Buy a Small DD Coffee Again”

There’s an age old rivalry between coffee vs. tea drinkers. It’s like you’re either a hardcore coffee drinker who wakes up to drink a good cup o’ joe (not drink coffee to wake up), or you’re a devoted tea drinker who’s self-reflective and ever-so pensive. And hot cocoa drinkers are just eccentric peons… It’s a polarized topic for certain.  Although I consider myself to be somewhat of a tea connoisseur, I’d have to lean toward the coffee camp on this one. There are many days when I need this, literally, to survive, and people around me will notice if I don’t have my morning cup o’ joe…

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