Crunchy Mamahood Blog

On my mamahood blog, I write and reflect about natural, crunchy parenting and what I’ve learned thus far. Both of my children are still very young (three years old and three months old), so I still have so much to learn and explore about making healthy, holistic choices for myself and my family.

Since I got pregnant with my first-born son, I began to learn about what we consume by putting on and into our bodies. The more I learned, the more conscious I became as a consumer and mama.

From the kinds of skin products we use daily to the kinds of foods we eat (how they’re grown and processed) and holistic practices– all matter to me now that I’m a mama.

The former is the reason I began my Simply Organic Body wellness products. Before I had my babies, I was ignorant and apathetic about these things. It has been a lifestyle change, but it wouldn’t make sense for us to live any other way!

Still a work in progress. You may click on the categories below to take you to the appropriate pages or simply navigate by using the menu. 

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Pregnancy, Birth, & Post-Partum

Food as Medicine & Quick and Healthy Recipes 

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Thank you for reading and sharing!