Why Mothers Need Paid Maternity Leave in America

It was my first day of summer break, and I had come down with an awful upper respiratory infection. It was the hubbub of end-of-the-year academic stress, much of the thankless parts of our jobs as teachers. I was also grieving the death of a recently lost beloved colleague that had created the perfect storm of pathogens. I had let my anxiety and depression get the best of me again as it sometimes does, and I was drained physically and emotionally. At least today I had managed to brush my teeth.

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Post-Partum Placenta Encapsulation: You’re Going to Do WHAT?! Why!?

“Post-Partum Placenta Encapsulation: You’re Going to Do WHAT?! Why!?”

Human placentophagy–Consuming or ingesting placenta or afterbirth. In less fancy terms, placenta encapsulation.  Turning your placenta into capsules …to consume, to ingest like by your mouth.  For real? Yes, I’m serious. Initially, it sounds like the most repulsive, disgusting thing ever imaginable. But it is actually quite natural and is universally practiced among mammals and cultures. I had heard of it but was far too scared to try it with the birth of my son.

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