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On Crunchy Tiger Mama read about Lan Nguyen Ullrich’s journey and reflections of living with a Port-Wine Stain birthmark (PWS) as well as my adventures with crunchy parenting as she explores the meanings of self-discovery and healthier answers for herself and family.

This is a centralized place to read about musings of what it’s like to live with a PWS and crunchy parenting with holistic wellness resources, DIY remedies, healthy quick meals/recipes–from cloth diapering to worm composting, food as medicine, and all sorts of things in between.

In 2013 during her first pregnancy, she struggled to find truly chemical, paraben, and mineral oil-free products for her growing belly that were reasonably priced. So she started making my own. The more she learned about what we consume, what we put on and into our bodies, the more she began making more consumer-conscious choices and making her own products. Little did she know, this was the beginning of her trek into crunchy parenting (from cloth diapering and DIY to switching to organic and learning more about learning about holistic wellness)…


My inspirations for my lifestyle change!

After her son was born, she began making simple and organic body products for him and herself to use everyday such as: Body butter, teething oils, sunscreens, diaper creams, essential oil blends for body wellness.

Shortly thereafter, friends and colleagues began asking about products to help with different needs ranging from pregnancy stretch marks, eczema, teething oil for their babies, to head/muscle aches and cough & cold  oil blends for their families.  Her business spread through word of mouth, and Simply Organic: Body Oil & Body Butter wellness products were created and officially born in 2014.


Simply Organic Body wellness products

Lan currently lives in Saint Albans, Vermont with her husband, two young children, two dogs, and cat. She is an English and social justice teacher at a local high school and also teaches for Johnson State College’s TRiO program, which works with first generation college bound students. Her other interests include the outdoors, motorcycling, politics, and the arts.

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